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Shoes, Schnaps and Lady Gaga

I woke up this morning to a pounding headache, a sick tummy and an aversion to light. Yes, I am hungover. Today is one of those days where I know its pointless to try to do anything, and thats ok, because I am on holiday.

I was meeting a friend for lunch yesterday, and we ended up at Aquavit. Usually I am not a huge fan of Scandinavian food, but I remember reading about the place in a magazine and thought I would give it a try, and I’m glad I did. The food was really good actually, and then there were the Aquavits. When I first saw them on the menu I was a bit skeptical. I wasn’t sure if I would like a drink flavoured by horseradish or coriander and dill, but I ordered three. What was served were three shot glasses containing what looked and tasted like spiced vodka. Well, they were actually quite nice and we ended up ordering one of every flavour of which there were about twelve.

Fast forward two hours and I’m feeling quite merry. My friend has to go back to work, but we agree to meet up later and go to a club. On my way back to the hotel I thought I would do some last minute shopping. At the subway station, I’m fumbling around trying to figure out which train to get on. Anyways, train comes and I’m one of the last people getting on. I’m halfway on and I start doubting if this is the right train. I decide it isn’t and while getting off the door shuts on my foot. After some wriggling I freed my foot, but my shoe is still inside the train. The train leaves, and so does my shoe. Great! I’m now in New York in the cold with only one shoe. It would be bad enough if this was the first time it had happened, no.

Anyway I’m putting that particular incident down to inebriation, not clumsiness. I head to Barneys to buy some last minute presents and alas, a new pair of shoes. I find myself entering, and I’m actually not kidding, Lady Gaga’s Workshop. What a place. An entire floor of Barneys dedicated to weird Lady Gaga themed items. It was bloody fantastic. There were some really cool things. I bought all sorts of crap. A wig, a box of chocolate lips and a £75 copy of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (I collect interestingly bound books). Im not sure  if it was because of the dozen shots, but the whole place was like some kind of twisted fairytale and I spent a good hour wandering around. Oh and I also got some new shoes.

I then went back to the hotel, slept for a few hours and went out for a night of excess with my friend David. I’m paying for it today, and I’m now on a strict budget for the rest of my trip, but it was totally worth it.




reasons i miss the OC.

Seth Cohen forever.


Haven’t thought about The OC in ages. Loved that show…

Lysistrata Jones

Last night I got to go see Lysistrata Jones and the Walter Kerr Theater. One word, AMAZING! I am a big fan of musical theater, and freely admit that I’m quite easy to please, but I haven’t enjoyed a show this much since I saw Wicked back in 2004.

Lysistrata Jones is a contemporary reimagining of Aristophanes’ classic tale, set in a college in Athens GA, in which instead of opposing war, the women (cheerleaders) decide to close their vajayjays until the boys win a basketball game. The music, while fitting was pale in comparison to the book, which was what really shone here, the dialogue was fast, fun and filled with pop culture references. I particularly enjoyed the siri joke. Also I believe that the choreography deserves a special mention. The transitions from basketball to dance numbers well very well executed,

It was hilarious, upbeat and slightly camp, which is my perfect guilty pleasure. If you are a fan of Glee and musicals like Hairspray, I am sure you will enjoy Lysistrata Jones.

See the website for more info and tickets

Until the 2nd of January, I get to wake up to this. Absolute heaven.

Until the 2nd of January, I get to wake up to this. Absolute heaven.

Hello world

Uhm, this is my blog. My name is Alex, I live in London, and I intern for a market research company which requires me to travel a lot. I thought I would start writing down some of the crazy thoughts going through my mind. Hopefully others might enjoy reading some of it…


Definitely robots, less likely to eat you.